Expectations Transcend Race, Gender, Age & Religion, Making All Things Possible

“Diminished expectations are like a sword to the heart.”

The Expectation Therapy Model was born out of need. Expectations set a bar that we rise to meet for the betterment of ourselves and for society as a whole. When there are no measurements in place, no guiding gauge, progress is impeded and goals are unachieved.

Through positive expectations, all things are possible. When we place a high premium on expression and education, learning and creativity are allowed to flourish. Self-betterment becomes an evolving process, and leads to improved perceived self-worth and builds confidence.

Meeting or exceeding expectations leads to forward momentum and progress. What halts progress? Fear. And how does one overcome fear? Through faith. You can learn more about Expectation Therapy in the book by Art Costello.

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  • Expectation Therapy will transform how you and the world communicate, perceive, and process expectations. It will teach you that your expectations can transform your life for the better. It’s not what others expect of you that really matters, it’s how you react to your own self-expectations that have been developed throughout your years that count the most. The book deals with the core expectations of the individual.
  • When you begin to understand Expectation Therapy and all it encompasses, you will see the power you have to change your life. Embrace your creativity, your passions, and your value, and you will exceed your own highest expectations!

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