Art Costello

Art Costello is a visionary mindset expert, author, and coach. He has devoted his expertise to helping individuals, families, athletes and business professionals recognize the connection between their expectations and achievements.

Art has the unique ability to identify what is preventing you from reaching your full potential and then give you options. With this knowledge, he created a powerful program called, Expectation Therapy, which teaches people how to shed their limiting beliefs. This, in turn, will boost your confidence, giving you the tools for success and allowing you to lead a more joyful life.

Art currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Beverly, and their dog Hazel. He also has three grown-up children and five grandchildren.


As a prolific blogger, his writing draws from his own observations on life and current events. Taking these subjects, he then applies knowledge from his own achievements and experiences as a mental health counselor and successful entrepreneur to offer sage advice to readers.


Art’s background includes serving as a Marine in Vietnam, playing college and semi-professional baseball, completing a degree in psychology, working as a talent scout in the entertainment industry and owning a successful business for thirty years. As a counselor at Mercy Mental Health in San Diego, he worked with world-renowned ‘play’ researcher, Dr. Stuart Brown.

Art’s greatest joy has been raising his family and spending time with his diverse group of friends.


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