Motivational Speaking with Art Costello, author of Expectation Therapy

If you have a group of people you want to inspire and motivate, an Expectation Therapy Session is a must.

Not only will everyone leave with a fresh outlook and the newfound ability to change their destiny, they’ll also hear how Art applied these same principles to a long and varied life of ups and downs.

These stories and insights will not only make the experience relatable and engaging, they’ll also teach people how confidence and faith can lead to true success.

Who can benefit from an Expectation Therapy presentation?

Art can motivate anyone who has a goal they want to reach or a life they want to change. In the past, he has spoken to groups of

Business owners

Athletic trainers

Business coaches

Leadership individuals

School children

Church congregations

motivational speaking

A motivational speaking session on Expectation Therapy can help any group that has goals they want to reach. Here are just a few examples of areas this program can help:

Weight loss


Business building




Career change

Improved relationships

Public speaking


Contact Art today and find out how he can help you.