Overcoming Dysfunction with Angela W. Stillwell

  There is no such thing as a perfect family, not even an impeccable childhood. Some may argue that there are, but people from a dysfunctional family will totally differ. Every human being has a different past or childhood experience. Angela W. Stillwell, the...

Overcoming Life’s Challenges with Joy Idries

  When you are overcoming challenges and adversities in life, it’s either you finish strong or you come out weak. In the end, what you get are lessons that mold you and armor you for the next battle. These challenges, be they life-threatening or life-changing,...

Broken and Unbroken – Madeleine Black’s Story of Resilience

  It takes a lot of courage to find the path to resilience especially when you have gone through a very traumatic experience. Madeleine Black, an international speaker, author, and psychotherapist, shares her healing story when she chose to forgive the men who...

Getting Your Feng Shui On with Kim Julen

  There is energy in everything. For things to flow in your life, you need an environment that energetically supports it. For Kim Julen, founder of Finding Your Fiji, that is achieved through Feng Shui. She is a dynamic thought leader, speaker, and Feng Shui...

Improving Education with Dr. Aaron Smith

  Investments in children usually begin with education. That's why Dr. Aaron L. Smith, STEM and workplace readiness expert and best-selling author of Awakening Your STEM School, maintains his stand that education should be improved and has to be taken to the next...

Building Wealth And Bringing Value By Taking A Leap Of Faith with Carey Green

  Sometimes we have thoughts and ideas that we can't find the courage to take action on. This hinders us to reach our absolute potential to live our life to the fullest and limits how we impact people in the most beneficial way for them. Life coach and former...

Ashley Berges Living Life

  We sometimes take for granted what we have and live our life in fear of tomorrow. But if you are a person who understands life's uncertainties, you want to make the most out of every moment of your life. Mentor, life coach, psychologist and modern-day...

Makena Sage Lumina Life Coaching

  We always want to find where in this world do we really belong, where do we fit in with our passion and purpose in this world. Makena Sage, creator of Lumina Life – a global life coaching and retreat company, tells the story of how she had it all until she felt...

The Journey Of A McDonalds Girl with Jill Raff

  At the end of the day, business is all about serving your customers and being good at it. Jill Raff, CEO and Founder of The Jill Raff Group and an experienced customer experience strategist, shares her journey and passion for customer service as she lets us in...

Relationships And Perspectives Improve Life Satisfaction with Jennie Bellinger

  The way we see and manage our own life is ultimately what leads us to our kind of satisfaction. Going against the expectations and limiting beliefs of the society, we ultimately find how we can truly improve our own lives. Certified professional coach Jennie...

Think Opposite, Change the World with Alison Donaghey

  Some of us go around life circling within the loop of our own comfort zones that we keep ourselves from truly experiencing life. Going against that is Alison Donaghey, a cause and effect strategist, speaker, radio host, and author. Alison believes in thinking...

Hello: Interview With The Amazing Human, Dave Hollis

  Most of us go through life just going through the motions. We become a less ideal version of ourselves. We settle, we’re stuck in the same spot, and we don’t know how to get out of it. Some of us are not even aware that we’re stuck. What does living our life...
Success Stories
Natalie Speers

Social Media Consultant & Founder of Social Ally

“Expectation Therapy has put a whole new meaning to what EXPECTATIONS mean in my life. My expectations set the stage for my entire life. Reading this book changed my whole outlook and taught me how to achieve personal growth, in my personal life and business. Most importantly, this book has set me up with the mental tools in order to push forward in my business, prosper in my passion and be able to provide a company culture where my team can flourish!”

Bryan Dulaney

Founder & CEO of the Perfect Funnel System

“I’ve never thought about expectations from the perspective that Art gives in his book. Immediately I thought about my expectations for myself and for the people who are in my life. Let’s just say light bulbs went off in my mind and the stories in Expectation Therapy have impacted me to think differently. It’s a super fast read that you will enjoy and all you have to do is pay shipping and handling. It’s one of those books you want all of your friends to read too!”


Author & Conscious Comedian

“Wow! Where to begin? The more I read, the more expectations framed my future in all the ideal ways. Most significantly, my relationship with Self and my children has become one of authentic and jovial dialogue. My professional life has evolved into one of purpose and passion where I am simply rewarded for expression.
I am so grateful for Art’s expression and generous sharing of what this work has done for him and those of us who have applied his concepts to our lives. What a remarkable read. So simple. So profound. It exceeded my initial EXPECTATIONS and has transformed my way of living forever!”


COO of the Perfect Funnel System

“Expectation Therapy has completely transformed my life. I thought I knew what it meant to have expectations, but after reading Art’s book… my thoughts have changed. My relationships are being enhanced with all those around me.
I feel like I was looking at expectations wrong my entire life. I always quoted “No expectations, No disappointment”. I felt as if I didn’t have an expectation then I wouldn’t be disappointed. I now know that I should be expecting things in every area of life.
I approach life differently since reading ‘Expectation Therapy’, even my fiancé noticed the change in me. So blessed to have found this book.”


“Expectation Therapy is a short volume filled a lot of wisdom. At the heart of Art Costello’s book is a simple but powerful idea: we must set high expectations for ourselves if we are to achieve our potential. Costello discusses how faith – belief in a higher power, in our friends and family or the goodness of life – helps give us the confidence to achieve our goals.
I believe there is a lot of good practical advice and insight in Costello’s book. I find him to be a humane and thoughtful guide in his subject matter, which is the art the art of living. I think Expectation Therapy will help a lot of people, and I highly recommend it.”


“A great book…I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in 2 reading sessions. For me, it was a page turner. I consider myself a very positive, “look for the silver lining,” kind of person, and Art Costello’s writing took me way beyond that. So simple yet so practical for small, as well as large, life events. Thank you, Art, for showing me new dimensions to achieving my goals!”


“I was very impressed with this book. I love self-help books – this ranks at one of my top favorites. Well written. Thank you for the great inspiration and motivation!”

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